Cost reductions and peace of mind through significantly improved bottom line performance using the most advanced management information systems in the UK tyre industry

Effective tyre management keeps drivers safe and saves you money

Tyre products and services are a notoriously difficult area of procurement. Invariably tyre contracts outsource substantial areas of contract delivery and control to specialist third party service providers. This has major implications on contract expenditure, contract compliance and operational legality.

Controlling, measuring and enhancing the value of a third party supplier is not possible without one key component – management information. Direct Tyre Management boasts the most advanced, web based, management information systems in the UK tyre industry. Direct Tyre offers the fleet operator solutions that begin with enhanced contract negotiations through to significantly improved bottom line performance.

Effective Tyre Contract Solutions

If you would like to explore a tyre contract solution that, through a transparency of processes, will deliver the cost reduction and ‘peace of mind’ benefits you may previously have thought unattainable, then please speak to us.

Tyre Management

A creatively designed tyre management policy that can potentially deliver major benefits.

TAMS Management

The most advanced, web based management information system in the UK tyre industry.

Fleet Audit

Tyres need to be serviced to enable the transport operator to achieve a return on their investment.

Supplier Management

We think it is essential to proactively measure and control third party supplier performance.

Contractual Options

DTM understands the importance of a complete ‘spend solution’ in a comprehensive tyre contract.

Tyre Consultancy

We can make a significant contribution to developing solutions that will reduce your tyre operating costs.

So, what does all this deliver for you?

Cost savings
Improved efficiency
Optimised availability
Assured legal compliance

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