The best way to work out exactly how our fleet services can benefit your business is to get together and talk things through. Our consultants are no-nonsense human beings, who put your interests first in order to build a tailor-made fleet solution that provides cost-savings and peace of mind.

Fleet Management

Our Fleet management solution delivers cost savings, improved efficiency, optimised vehicle availability and assured legal compliance, ideal for critical service or complex and mixed fleets.

Fleet Maintenance

Save money, ensure legal compliance and have peace of mind your fleet is operating at its best. We manage the maintenance of your assets through our own network of 17 technical centres and wider network of partner workshops.

Spot Hire

Our short term rentals are pain free. We continually invest in and maintain a large fleet of modern vehicles, allowing our customers’ to benefit from new vehicle technologies.

Long Rental Agreements

Benefits of contract hire options with preferential rates, from 12 months to 3 years. These hires can also include the option to return vehicles earlier than the contract end date, if pre-agreed, although the hire rate would revert to the applicable shorter-term rates.

Contract Hire

Remove the risk of ownership, reduce up front capital outlay and forget about the hassle of disposal. Our hassle-free fleet leasing, along with our comprehensive financing options, will give you the breathing space to focus on other aspects of your business.

Fleet Refurbishment

We will analyse the current composition of your fleet and work out the most cost-effective way of refurbishing and improving it so that you can take advantage of modern truck and analytics technologies.

Tyre management covers tyre fitting, service and maintenance events, management information requirements and a customer’s financial objectives. Our core objectives with tyre management are the safeguarding of health and safety, significantly reduced tyre costs and ensured legal compliance.

Fleet Tyre Audit

Before undertaking a programme of tyre management, we can carry out a full fleet tyre audit, checking the current capability and condition of your fleet’s tyres, analysing the results and subsequently creating a safe and economical tyre management strategy.

Vehicle Sales

Managing the maintenance of your assets through our own network of 17 technical centres and wider network of partner workshops.

Accident Repair

When the worst happens, we are there for you and your drivers.

In the event you are involved in an accident, we can over see the repair process. Ensuring minimum down time and associated costs.