I always envisaged that we would create a class leading fleet management company, a one stop shop. What I didn’t expect was the path that got us where we are today. Sid Sadique, Chairman.

Early Growth

Growing from one site at Widnes was the first issue we had to overcome. We wanted to have a number of locations with garage services around the country, so we did this by winning contracts with workshops and also acquiring companies on the way.

Acquiring DTM

The DTM business was a target and also a consideration Steve and Sid had spoken about previously. For years they saw each other’s businesses grow independently, knowing that one day we might join forces. The IT systems in DTM were always impressive and we wanted the technology to give RTR a leap forward. That’s how our in-house systems of TAMS became RAMS and ultimately SPAR.

People and Relationships

One of the key success factors of our business has been our people. We have invested in lots of trainees and key individuals to ensure we have the best talent pool around the industry. The other success factor is our key relationships with suppliers. We have been consistent in our approach and have honoured all our commitments over the years. This has been something that we have made a concerted effort with and have built very good relationships accordingly, something which the new Electra venture is profiting from.

Headquarters Merge

So once DTM came into the fold, NRG had a composite offering and we took this to the marketplace. We managed to grow both customer bases in RTR and DTM and the merger gave us the new headquarters at Skelmersdale. We were adamant in retaining the key staff from Widnes and Blackpool where DTM came from. The headquarters was a catalyst to gain synergies, to learn the know-how behind TAMS, and to look at how we could use this platform to develop a better fleet management system.

Emergence of Electra

The recent emergence of Electra has been something which has taken the market by storm, and some great manufacturing relationships have been established even further. The Electra business and its conceptual timing has been a master stroke and is paying dividends from our current and new customers. Is shows what a good independent business, like NRG, can bring to the market in terms of innovation, and most importantly of all its our customers who are doing the talking by staying and renewing with NRG.

Riverside Truck Rental Established

Depot opened in Trafford, Manchester

Sid Sadique joins as Managing Director

Trio Hire Acquired

Fleet increase by 150 trucks. Depot opens in Heathrow.

Depot opens in Stratford Upon Avon

Depot opens in Daventry

Depot opens in Barrow, Cumbria

Assets of Manvik Hire UK Purchased

Fleet increases by 100 trucks. Depot opens in Bellshill, Basildon and Solihull.

Depot opens in Colchester.

Steve Richardson Joins

As Managing Director Group merger with Direct Tyre Management. Relocation of Direct Tyre Management and Riverside Truck Rental head office to Skelmersdale.

Neil Jeremiah joins as Sales Director

Avonmouth office opens.